Supported Independent Living

Gentle, respectful and dignified systems of individually designed care to maximise and maintain your independence.

Supporting Independence for the elderly and ability challenged people via Home care services or Community Support.

CarePlus Scotland have an excellent reputation in the prevention of unnecessary hospital admission through regular nursing checks where needed and collaboration with your own General Practitioner, District Nurse or Hospital at Home Service to enable you to remain in your own home.

CarePlus Scotland are Specialists in socially supporting people with physical and mental challenges in care – full follow up enabling independent living, including accompanied overnight and holiday support away from home.

CarePlus Scotland is commited to socially intergrating people with physical and mental challenges into local community activities and we cater for and encourage a wide range of sports which we have sourced specifically for people with disabilities. Some of these include Archery, Golf, Swimming, Shooting, Carriage Driving, Falconry etc.

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We support people with mental and physical challenges in all aspects of daily living.

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